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What's Cooking Arlo?

Publisher: Capstone Publishing

Complete 4-book set, 64 pages each

ISBN 9781484683675


* Ebook


Join Arlo and his friends in this humorous and heartwarming series where food and friendship are always on the menu. With social and emotional learning themes and gentle lessons baked in, young readers will gobble up these sweet graphic novels bursting with caring, kindness, and cooperation.


Mine Mine Mine Yours

Publisher: Penguin Putnam RH

Length: 32 pages

ISBN 978059311240

Released May 11, 2021

The best playdates include sharing! Clever opposites narrate a busy toddler playdate full of playing, taking turns, sharing and more, in this charming companion to Up, Up, Up, Down!

HUGE NEWS! I’m absolutely delighted that Mine Mine Mine Yours is a Blue Ribbon selection of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library! Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library puts books into the hands and hearts of children around the world.


Sad Sad Bear

Publisher: Beach Lane Books (February 16, 2021)

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13  9781534452718

Bear is very SAD today. Mommy is going to work. And that means Bear has to go to Cub Care for the very first time. Little ones and grown-ups alike are sure to relate to the up-and-down feelings explored in this sweet and empathetic picture book. 


Up, Up, Up, Down!

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Length: 32 pages

ISBN 9780525517337



Kirkus Reviews

“A toddler lives through a day full of opposing directives with their stay-at-home dad. . . The parts of this day will be familiar to parents and children alike. . . A fresh take on opposites and routines for the very young.”

The New York Times
“Opposites loom large for babies, and Gee brings the concept to adorable life. Her action-packed visual vignettes refreshingly feature a brown-skinned baby and caretaker dad who dramatize the obvious (‘no’ and ‘yes’) and the more subtle (‘yay’ and ‘uh oh’). Her touch is feather-light, with many telling details to spot.” 


Glad, Glad Bear!

Publisher: Beach Lane Book

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13: 9781534452695

Grades: P - 3




It’s a new day, and little brown Bear is very glad because he has new leggings, dance slippers, and a tutu…

…his nonstereotypical gender presentation is celebrated and affirmed. A star sticker from the teacher for his participation leaves Bear “very glad” he joined the class…


Mad, Mad Bear!

Publisher: Beach Lane Books

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13: 9781481449717

Grades: P - 3



Good, good book! (Picture book. 2-5)” 


Parents Magazine

“After a tantrum…a little one figures out what went wrong and how he can feel better. It’s a sweet book that helps kids understand a range of emotions.”



Gee’s relatable, insightful, and supportive story effectively portrays not only the intensity of some bad (and mad) moods, but also, reassuringly, that they’ll pass.


The Class

By Boni Ashburn

Illustrated by Kimberly Gee


Publisher: Beach Lane Books

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13: 9781442422483

Grades: P - 3

Indie Bound



“An original take on the first-day-of-school theme follows the 20 students thatmake up the titular kindergarten class as they get ready in the morning. Ashburn and Gee do their best to be inclusive in every way—from the kids' skintones, ethnicities, and hairstyles to their personalities and behaviors…Gee's delightful tots are done in pencil and colored digitally, with a watercolor look. She captures each personality, and readers are sure to find at least one kid with whom they can identify. A reassuring peek that will assuage children's fears about their own first days and their classmates.”


Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

Gee (Today with Meg and Ted) turns in some excellent work, strongly evoking personalities for each of the children through body language, eccentric clothing choices, and a bevy of homey details that will resonate with a broad range of readers. Indeed, the book’s biggest strength is its subtle recognition of difference: even though these kids are all headed to the same place, their individual family situations, moods, and interests all play roles in bringing them there.


Today with Meg and Ted

Publisher: Golden Books, PRH

Length: 40 Pages

ISBN 9780307982513

2-5 years

* Ebook


Toddlers Meg and Ted discover so much in a day! “Today is a good day to stand on one foot . . . Today is a good day to look at a foot. Today is a good day to eat our favorite food . . . and today is a good day to try something new.” In the course of a day, young children encounter a wide range of experiences and emotions. This book captures the sense of wonder felt by all children as they explore the world with their zen-like focus. The book’s simple text and old-fashioned art style evoke the gentle look and feel of antique children’s books, but with a fresh twist that is very much of . . . today.

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