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My Story

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I've been called a dreamer, and I consider that a high compliment, because creative endeavors always begin with a dream.  And, I'm happiest when creating- be it a picture book or a yummy lunch. About that picture-book world, though...I'm still dreaming...


Let's start at the beginning:  I was born in Seoul, Korea to a Korean mom and American dad. I've lived the first eight years of my life in Korea and feel that that experience has given me a unique  cultural perspective,– a blend of east and west. My aunt told me that I was a good blend of opposites, and funnily enough, that theme has shown up in my children's books. I adore contemplating opposites, how they aren't really two different things, as much as poles of the same thing. 


Oh, here's a children's book related quirky detail: for a little while, when I was very young–around 2 or 3, my family lived with my grandparents in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My grandmother, a librarian, lived next to Dot Schart who happened to be Trina Schart Hyman's mother. For those of you who don't know, Trina Schart Hyman was a children's book author/ illustrator superstar. Naturally, my grandmother made sure I had all of Trina's books and I made the connection at a young age, that a person could do this! A person I (kind of) knew made books. I wanted to make a books, too. Career decision made!

Okay! Down to business. Here are some of my recent professional highlights:

   •      My early reader 4 book graphic novel series, What’s Cooking Arlo? (Capstone Publishing) will release Fall of 2023. I’m in love with it!

   •      I'm delighted––no, beyond thrilled, that Mine, Mine Mine Yours! (Putnam PRH) is an Imagination Library Blue Ribbon pick! Thank you Dolly Parton!

   •     Up Up Up Down (Putnam PRH) was featured in the New York Times. Wow wow wow…!                    

   •     My character Bear has a lot of feelings. Mad, Mad  Bear! (Beach Lane Books, 2018) and Glad, Glad Bear! (Beach Lane Books, 2020) will be joined by Sad, Sad Bear! in the Spring of 2021.  Beach Lane Books, (a division of Simon and Schuster).

   •     I have had the pleasure of illustrating The Class, a picture book by Boni Ashburn. 2016 Beach Lane Books, (a division of Simon and Schuster). 

   •     Publishing my first children’s book, (dream fulfilled!!)— Today with Meg and Ted ! And, it’s a Golden Book, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books!

   •     Winning the Portfolio Showcase at the 2013 SCBWI Editor's Day.

   •     Winning a Mentorship Award at the 2010 SCBWI Conference.


        (pssst…if you’re interested in becoming a creator of children’s books, SCBWI is a must-join. Seriously. It’s the only advice I ever give about how to get your children’s book published.)


Here are some past highlights:


   •     Landing my dream design job at Hatch Design Group, where I learned so much, designed some beautiful spaces, and worked my way to Design Director.

   •     Launching a greeting card company, Lucky Baby Greetings, which sold cards worldwide to really lovely boutique shops like Kate’s Paperie in NYC, Itoya in Tokyo, Planet Blue Kids in Malibu, Party on La Cienega in Los Angeles, and many, many more shops.

   •     Licensing a CUTE line of baby toys, plush and decor items based on my designs. 


Now, I live and work in Claremont, California. I’m surrounded by the people I love,  a puppy I love, a tortoise I love, a garden I love, and nothing is more inspiring than that.

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